Airports see some of the most pedestrian traffic worldwide, transporting thousands of people per day. They also invest millions upon billions of dollars into their infrastructure, machinery and equipment, and visual appeal. If one airport shuts down, it leaves a national impact. A plan for proper security measures is mandatory for keeping these costly transportation hubs safe and the people within protected. 

If 9/11 taught us nothing but this, airports must be guarded against many types of threats and attacks, even beyond traditional airport security. Global Security Solutions provides well-trained, qualified, professional security guards for your airport, whether posted in parking lots, on the runways, inside terminals, near gates, or before entrances. 

Airport security is needed to monitor access control, observe airplanes, and protect your airport staff, flight attendants, pilots, and flight passengers. Uniformed GSS security guards onsite discourage suspicious persons from acting on criminal intent and stop crime in progress, as well as report other emergencies, such as fire or flooding, to the necessary authorities immediately. Global Security Solutions, LLC is here to assist you with all your airport security services. 

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