Shipments in transit, from pick up to delivery, are vulnerable to incidents like theft and damage. They may also be vulnerable in more dangerous instances, such as the unbeknownst transportation of illegal items, drugs, or weapons. To prevent these instances and assure the safety of shipments, Global Security’s transportation and logistics security team logs information and responds to suspicious activity appropriately. 

Transportation and logistics facilities are responsible for maintaining various logs, such as truck and material logs, departure and arrival logs, and staff, employee, and visitor logs. These logs are vital to record and monitor subtle or potential discrepancies. Inspection work is also important for the legal and physical securities of your facility—these tasks include full truck inspections, confirming drivers’ IDs at checkpoints, and reviewing delivery or pick-up documents. A trained security guard onsite ensures that logs and inspections are done correctly and thoroughly. GSS will protect your site from potential intruders, illicit activity, and other destructive occurrences. Entrust your transportation and logistics facility to Global Security Solutions for the highest level of professional security.

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