The entertainment industry requires a unique level of security. Actors, film crews, and various other artists engaged in this industry have sensitive jobs and expect little to no disturbances while on site. Filming locations contain lots of sensitive and expensive equipment, and many active and moving parts and persons pose various threats. Extras and other ordinary persons in public shooting locations may not be aware of standard etiquette onsite, which puts your location at risk. Global Security Solutions, LLC. understands the many risks and provides professionally trained guards to mitigate them. 

Uniformed security guards create a sense of safety at your shooting location. These guards maintain access control to verify that random individuals or fans do not enter your studio or shooting location without authorization. GSS guards also watch for stalking, trespassing, and theft, so that your environment is free from disturbances that disrupt the show production and the mindset of the artists and crew members. Hire Global Security Solutions, LLC. to secure your production and protect your artists, engineers, and production staff.

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