Warehouses have frequent inbound and outbound traffic, as well as a heavy flow of activities inside and outside the facility. Access control at entrances and exits is crucial to protect warehouses from intruders, thieves, or even well-meaning visitors who many disrupt the productivity of employees, workers, and equipment. Both on the clock and after hours, it is essential for warehouse facilities to have 24/7 security. Global Security Solutions, LLC offers security services for your warehouse to protect your property, assets, and personnel from potential threats. 

Warehouses need security guards from GSS to maintain various logs, such as material logs, incident logs, and staff, employee, and visitor logs, which are vital to monitor and report potential discrepancies or suspicious activity. Full building inspections, access points, fencing, lighting, and material inventory are some tasks included in inspection work provided by Global Security officers. Trained security guards should always be onsite to ensure logs and inspections are completed correctly and thoroughly. 

Your warehouse will benefit from Global Security Solutions’ protection against intruders or malevolent personnel to mitigate the possibility of criminal activity. GSS brings you the highest level of professional security and safety.

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