Global Security Solutions, LLC provides industry-leading event venue parking services. We focus on smooth traffic flow, transaction etiquette, and warm hospitality to bring success to our clients’ events. GSS parking services include lot control, payment greeter, directional aide, and any additional customized needs for your business or event. 

Global Security’s traffic controllers are experts in a wide range of events: marathons, film productions, sporting events, parades, festivals, conventions, and many more. Our experience, resources, and knowledge combine to give your event the best solutions and service. 

We are committed to our clients’ needs and the success of their parking and traffic operations, beginning with our professional and knowledgeable management team, and continuing with our uniformed, courteous staff. Our staff is properly trained in traffic control techniques and customer service. Whether small or large, private or public, our team ensures your event operates smoothly, with happy guests and maximized revenue.

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