In the US alone, 750,000 vehicles are stolen per year, and only 50-60% of stolen vehicles are recovered. Many dealerships lose 4-5 cars per year, some as high as 30, simply due to organized theft. These statistics suggest the prevalence of car theft in the criminal world, and auto dealerships are fertile ground for experienced car thieves—unless you hire professionally trained security guards from Global Security Solutions’ to protect your dealership. 

Not only do thieves steal entire vehicle units; they also target auto parts, such as side mirrors, lights, wheel covers, or other valuables. An experienced thief can take less than a minute to steal some of these parts. While CCTV camera systems and other security measures can be helpful in retrospect, trained onsite guards are compulsory to prevent immediate theft. 

Apart from thefts, vandalism is another unpleasant reality for auto dealerships. Damage to vehicles is costly, and while proper surveillance systems may prevent such damage, only onsite security guards may stop a vandal or thief in the process. Auto dealerships should seek professional assistance to prevent such costly incidents. Global Security Solutions is here to implement specialized security for your dealership.

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