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Property and personal safety are the forefront of every homeowner’s mind. It can be very frightening to learn about break-ins and burglaries in your neighborhood. Improving neighborhood security should be a priority.  A high crime rate in a neighborhood can make people feel unsafe in their own homes. No one should feel unsafe in their own homes. If your neighborhood has inadequate security and you are concerned, here are some ways to improve security in your neighborhood:

Improve Lighting

Criminals like to attack areas with poor lighting because it hides criminal and suspicious activity. If your streetlights are inadequate, encourage each household to turn on their security lights in the evenings. They should also be encouraged to install motion-detector lights in the backs and sides of the house so potential intruders do not have the darkness to hide in. Improving lighting will help neighborhood security.

Install surveillance Systems

Every neighborhood should have adequate surveillance systems especially around high risks areas. Surveillance systems help monitor criminal activities in an area. They help to deter criminal activity and can act as evidence in a police case. Cameras should capture vehicle and pedestrian ingress and egress areas, as well as common areas where residents gather. Installing surveillance systems will have improve neighborhood security.

Neighborhood Clean Up

It is important your neighborhood is clean from litter and overgrown trees. Encourage each household to ensure its immediate surrounding is clean to help deter criminals. Having a clean neighborhood with help deter criminal activates and improve neighborhood security.

Empty or Abandoned Buildings

With a lot of employees working from home during Covid-19, this has left building empty and abandoned. This attracts criminal activities and cause the activities to spill into the surrounding areas. By patrolling and having regular activity at your building will help improve neighborhood security.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood security is a group effort. It is important to hold regular neighborhood watch meeting and trainings with the neighborhood to educate them on security protocols. Having all the entire community involved in the watch will improve neighborhood security. Additional information from National Neighborhood Watch

Hire A Security Company

Hiring a security company to protect your neighborhood is one of the best security measure you can put in place to protect your home, family, business, or neighborhood. Hiring security guards to patrol the neighborhood will increase the improvement of your community. Contact Global Security Today

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