Two Aurora, CO police officers were shot following multiple suspects of an ongoing investigation on July 27, 2020. The suspects had been involved in multiple armed robberies at Denver metro convenience stores.

Compared to statistics from January – June 2019, Denver county has seen an uptick in crimes against property during January – June 2020.

• Damaged property – 3,318 (up 26%)
• Larceny and stolen property** – 4,727 (down 0.8%)
• Burglary** – 2,419 (up 36%)
• Robbery** – 481 (down 12%)
That is approximately 14 cases of burglary and 26 cases of theft per day in Denver county—don’t let your business become one of these statistics.

While masks protect us from COVID-19, they also make it easy for criminals to hide until it is too late. The average person is not trained to distinguish between genuine customers and loiters or suspicious delinquents; trained security officers know what to look for and how to respond quickly to limit damage and harm.

Global Security Solutions’ security officers offer your property protection against damage, theft, burglary, and robbery, benefiting your business, your employees, and your customers. The presence of a security guard encourages patrons to visit your store, and customers who feel safe during their visit are more likely to return. The presence of a security guard also deters crime by discouraging malevolent persons from acting out against your store. Should crime occur, onsite security guards put a halt to it immediately.

GSS officers comply with health and safety standards in effect after COVID-19 and offer the same of your employees and customers—our officers will verify and require that all persons on your store grounds properly maintain guidelines and laws in place, such as wearing a face mask to cover both mouth and nose and maintaining proper social distancing. If you are interested in our temperature services, we also offer non-touch temperature checks for patrons entering your store.


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